Raw Cheese Power was forged in ancient times by The Dark Knights of Cholesterol (the vanguard for artisan cheese makers; defenders of their heritage, methods & livelihoods from the onslaught of the supermarkets & their legions of bland, processed food).

With an extensive cheese range covering Britain, Ile de France, the entire Alpine Arc (Emmental & Jura, Lombardy & Piedmont, Savoy & Valais) plus a handful of ancient recipes from Sardinia & Transylvania, we work tirelessly in sourcing the most exquisite cheese around.

It is our pride to support such great artisans, from the traditional (the Bourne family has been making real farmhouse Cheshire cheese since 1750) to the modern (such as Giorgio in Val Maira with his herd of thirty goats & stunning mountain vistas).

Our promise is simple; the most exciting cheese in Europe without the pretentiousness, fuss or snobbery.