Raw Cheese Power was forged in ancient times by The Dark Knights of Cholesterol.

The vanguard for artisan cheese makers, we defend their heritage, methods & livelihoods from the onslaught of the supermarkets & their legions of bland, processed food.

Our cheese range is extensive, covering Britain, Normandy & Ile de France, the entire Alpine Arc (Emmental & Jura, Lombardy & Piedmont, Savoy & Valais) plus a handful of archaic recipes from places including Sardinia & Transylvania.

We are proud to support our exquisite cheese makers, from traditional – the Bournes have been making real farmhouse Cheshire cheese since 1750 – to modern, such as Giorgio in Val Maira with his herd of thirty goats & stunning mountain vistas.

Our promise to you is simple; the most exciting cheese in Europe without the pretentiousness, fuss or snobbery.